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    Our CBD Hemp Flower Collection is selected from the best growers in Manitoba & Canada. Customers who are searching for premium hemp flower will love these top-shelf artisan, hand trimmed using the "bud" of the plant for a very high-end products.

    Experience soothing mental clarity and full-bodied relaxation as you inhale some of the tastiest strains available.  Smoking “hemp flower” can be very relaxing, but it won't make you “feel high.” That's because these legal hemp buds are high in CBD but extremely low in THC.

    CBD flower products are ideal if you're looking to improve your overall wellness, relieve everyday stress, tackle localized discomfort, or just experience an overall sense of relief at the end of your day. Some users have found CBD Flower for pain to be successful for relieving pain.

    Sativa-dominant CBD flower might be the right pick if you want an energy rush without making you paranoid or anxious.

    What Does CBD Flower Smell Like? Some of the categories that describe the different smell of CBD flowers strains are:

    Natural: Earthy, herbal, woody

    Pungent: Tea, sage, cheese

    Fruity: Sweet, lemon, grapefruit

    Flowery: Lavender, rose, violet

    Chemical: Diesel, tar, ammonia

    If you are looking where to buy CBD Flower in Manitoba visit our website www.mordenweed.ca/

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