Arsenal Five-Layer Honeycomb Perc Recycler

Arsenal Five-Layer Honeycomb Perc Recycler

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Arsenal five-layer honeycomb perc recycler is like no other piece we have ever carried. Featuring five honeycomb percs and diffused downstem that runs through all of them this piece will give you the best diffusion you have ever experienced.

In addition to all the percs this piece is also a recycler, the water recycles from the main chamber into the neck and back down into the main chamber. This not only increases filtration but also helps to prevent water from going up the neck of the piece. The 14mm female joint on this piece sits in the top for easy access and also to make this piece more compact. Although this piece includes a dry herb bowl piece just add a quartz banger to use this piece as a dab rig.

We get People Asking, why should I even get a percolator bong?

To get to that answer you need to understand how bongs work, The water we add into bongs is never for show. It will always be to produce a filter/Bufferzone for the smoke to enter and escape through the surface tension of the water.

In simple terms, that classic “Gurgle” is the water bubbling and breaking surface tension to get a smoother hoot, allowing you to take more rips in less time! So, there are a couple different kinds of percolators, there is a secondary chamber perc, and a built-in perc. The Secondary perc is when you have something like a matrix perc in the neck of the bong where you can add water and have a secondary chamber to allow for more bubbling forcing the smoke to pass through water one more time making it all the much smoother. The second option is a built-in perc such as a showerhead attached to the down stem forcing the smoke to get forced out of a bunch of different holes instead of just one. Both are smooth, one may find the Built in perc easier to clean however because there’s no second chamber.

**Due to the fragile nature of glass and its weight we are unable to ship glass bongs/Dab Rigs. All Large glass items are in store pickup ONLY**

  • Five honeycomb percolators for diffusion
  • Recycler design for better filtration and flavor
  • Long bent neck to prevent water from reaching your mouth
  • Thick borosilicate glass with an extra thick rounded base
  • Available in assorted accents.
  • 14mm female joint witch matching bowl
  • 12 Inches tall to maximize smoke cooling and filtration

**Due to the fragile nature of glass and its weight we are unable to ship glass bongs/Dab Rigs. All Large glass items are in store pickup ONLY**

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