Dosi-GMOsi #6 by Ogen Terpenology

Ogen Flower 7g Dosi-GMOsi
Ogen Flower 7g Dosi-GMOsi

Dosi-GMOsi #6 by Ogen Terpenology

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Dosi-GMOsi #6 by Ogen Terpenology is a Sativa dominant flower that has a superb flavour and aroma have dense, stacked bracts. Just like the name suggests -OGEN took some Do-si-dos crossed it with some GMO and then added the #6 to make it extra special! Just looking at these dosi-GMOsi nugs is a pure delight. They are dense, lime-green buds with plenty of purple tips. Although, the full colours might be hard to see as these buds are covered in an overabundance of beautiful sparkling trichomes. Dosi-GMOsi’s gets its terpene profile from its lineage which is made up of Caryophyllene, Humulene, and Pinene. This translates to the tasty pungent diesel flavour, mixed in with sweet citrusy notes which are complemented by delightful and savoury spicy notes. With THC levels soaring up to 28%, there is no denying this probably will get you where you want to go.

Earthy, Floral, Citrusy

The average THC content is anywhere from 26-28% depending on the Batch and is usually consistent with >1% CBD

You'll get the most benefit from smoking this weed out of a Bong, a bong creates a vacuum where the water bubbles break the surface tension to create a smoother and higher hoot! Although you can use whatever is available to you!

**Due to the fragile nature of glass and its weight we are unable to ship glass bongs/Dab Rigs. All Large glass items are in store pickup ONLY**

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