Ghost Max Disposable Vape Pen

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    Ghost Max Disposable Overview:  

    Ghost Max are available in 16 top-tier flavour variations, with exceptionally long battery life and new adjustable airflow to mirror the type of draw you like or the amount of vapor it produces. Keep it discreet or billow little clouds-your choice using the adjustable airflow.

    These GHOST MAX  vape pens are  the most impressive and long-lasting disposables on the market with an average of 2000 PUFFS!  The max has a 1050 mAh battery to last all day for sure. GHOST disposables are available in 2%, 3.5% and 5% nicotine by weight. (20mg,35mg,50mg)

    100% Authentic GHOST Disposables.   Ghost Disposables are dominating the market for disposable vape pens because of their incredible flavour profiles and well built devices such as the Ghost XL-800 Puffs. 

     GHOST VAPE is now introducing their MAX with these pre-filled vapes in 16 irresistible flavours.  Featuring a massive 6ml of pre-filled juice  that’s approximately 2000 puffs – the Ghost MAX delivers you the convenience of no refills, no coil swaps, no mess and no stress in a lightweight, sleek little unit

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