Sativa Pre-Rolls

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    Sativa Pre-Rolls are great for those who are inexperienced in rolling or couldn't be bothered with the task, All types of pre-rolls have most things in common: An outer Wrapper made from selected papers or leaf wraps, and a "Filter" or "Cooling tip" usually made of a thicker paper, wood, or sometimes Glass! Each company has chosen a style and the most common is a spiral. Packed with high-quality Sativa cannabis flowers, you're ready to smoke up at any time!

    2 products
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    Cruuzy Cannabis Pre-Rolls 3 x 0.5g Supercharged Duubyz Infused Pre-Rolls By Cruuzy Cannabis-Morden Vape SuperStore & Cannabis
    Supercharged Duubyz Sativa Pre-Rolls By Cruuzy
    Cruuzy Cannabis
    Dab Bods Pre-Rolls 3x0.5g Hawaiian Shatter Infused Pre-rolls by Dab Bods-Morden Vape & Cannabis
    Hawaiian Shatter Infused Pre-rolls by Dab Bods
    Dab Bods