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    What is Shatter?

    Shatter is a hard, translucent cannabis concentrate with colors ranging from a honey amber to a more yellow shade similar to the color of canola oil. Cannabinoid levels ranging from 50-90% shatter is considered a very potent extract. Learn more about Shatter here

    Shatter typically needs to be used before 3 to 6 months as it will degrade over time, It is still safe to use but it will be most effective the sooner you use it! 

    3 products
    KushKraft Mini Moons hash blend-Morden Vape SuperStore & Cannabis in Manitoba
    KushKraft Mini Moons Hash-Blend 4x0.5g
    Hwy 59 Multi pack shatter-Morden Vape SuperStore & Cannabis
    Hwy 59 Shatter MultiPack-2x0.5g
    Endgame Double Hitter Shatter Morden Vape SuperStore & Cannabis in Manitoba
    Endgame Double Hitter Shatter
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