Consistency with Cannabis

Consistency with Cannabis

It is common knowledge that cannabis users each show different patterns of use; some being more consistent while others are rare. Most cannabis users will have 3-5 days in between use. This keeps tolerance low while use is consecutive. Some users; however, will use cannabis often.

Consistent Cannabis Use

A lot of daily cannabis users speak high-praise of daily utilization. It's been said to increase people's motivation, happiness, sleep, and even work-ethic. The doctoral studies behind these claims are quite the opposite, stating negatives such as loss of motivation, hunger, or memory loss. While cannabis effects can be different from person to person, studies between both parties have substantial evidence to prove accuracy. This shows that while one person may see negative effects from repeated use, another person may experience life-changing mood-stability, sleep, or boosts in goal-oriented behaviour.

Risks of Consistent Use in Youth

Cannabis should be kept out of the hands of youth; however, youth consumption does occur. This is a large risk, as the developing brains of young people are more susceptible towards negative effects and hormonal imbalances that cannabis can cause. The most common negative symptom of cannabis use in children is increased anxiety and/or depression, which can have a major strain on the developmental capability of the human brain, the child's grades in school, as well as their ability to socialize. Young adults will often experience similar effects; decreased motivation for work or social life, decreased happiness, and inability to make decisions are all common effects.

Variables in Consistency

Consistency is determined by how much cannabis a person uses, how often a person uses cannabis, what type of cannabis they're using, and where they're getting it from. Studies have shown that a large portion of THC-distillate cartridges that are being sold illegally are actually mixed with different substances, including Vitamin C oil. Vitamin C oil is very dangerous for the human body, especially in the larger quantities that a 510 cartridge would contain. There are many different variables that many of these studies don't include in their analysis, which changes the public consensus.


Consistently using cannabis can have a long-lasting effect on some users; though, most users won't experience this. The most at-risk group is the youth. Children should be kept away from cannabis as it can hurt developmental, important stages of human brain growth.

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