Household Pets and Cannabis

Household Pets and Cannabis

While human cannabis use continues to grow as legalization and legislation changes; studies around cannabis use in different fields, like pets, continues to grow as well. People are often curious about different household items and their pets, so that begs the question - what effect does cannabis have on your dogs or cats?

THC Use in Animals

The effects of cannabinoids in pets do vary in effect. One of the cannabinoids, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is toxic to your household pets, though it's not lethal. Dogs and cats have similar symptoms in urinary incontinence (inability to hold their bladder), hypersensitivity to light, sound, or motion, incoordination, and, very popular in humans, dilated pupils. These effects will dissipate within a reasonable time period; however, lasting effects can exist. These symptoms can rarely trigger the affected animal to produce anxiety or lethargy. These problems may have solutions, but it's still widely believed by doctors and veterinarians alike that household pets should be kept away from THC.

CBD Use in Animals

CBD, on the other hand, is currently being used by doctors and veterinarians to treat humans and animals that have chronic joint or muscle pain. Studies done among arthritis patients have shown that a low concentration of CBD oil used once per day can drastically decrease the pain that the patient suffers on a regular basis. The same can be said with your pets, as studies with animals show that it increases relaxation of muscles and joints as well as calming the mind. There is no readily available CBD medicine that can be used with animals, but it is not uncommon to use CBD to treat pets with chronic pain or restlessness.

Veterinary Studies & Facts

On the veterinary side; studies may currently be being performed but there is no conclusive evidence to whether we'll see cannabis legally be used with animals any time soon. As cannabis isn't legal federally in the U.S.A., Canada would likely be wary about moving towards veterinary use. That doesn't deter cannabis producers from marketing products meant for animals, as most of the products are concentrated CBD and are devoid of all other cannabinoids and additives. Cannabis communities across Canada have been coming together to provide personal evidence; though, unfortunately, these stories of personal evidence all become discounted as hearsay.


Lots of citizens, veterinarians and doctors all agree that it is okay to treat your animals with CBD, but it is widely agreed upon to keep other cannabinoids away from household animals. Of course, this is up for speculation as opinions and facts are formed. As an unbiased source, it's preferred that readers come to their own conclusion.

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