THC: Delta-8 vs Delta-9

There are two different kinds of THC. You've likely had delta-9 if you've used cannabis recreationally before. Delta-8 is similar to delta-9, however it's usually derived out of CBD from hemp. It carries similar psychoactive effects to delta-9, however the effects are usually far less intense.

Delta-8 THC is readily available in some states and provinces. This is because as the cerebral effects are far less potent and the effects resemble taking ibuprofen pain-killers; though, it isn't readily available at all places, as using delta-8 THC and operating a motor vehicle would still be defined as driving under the influence.

Delta-8 THC, like any other substance, should be used in moderation. Overconsumption of this chemical can lead to short-term side effects like stress/anxiety, loss of coordination, and lethargy. This effects will subside once consumption ceases, but it will impair the user for a short time.

Any recreational cannabis dispensary carries delta-9 THC and can help you further understand the differences and how delta-9 will affect you. If you're interested in buying new cannabis or learning more information, come see us in store at Morden Vape SuperStore & Cannabis Dispensary.

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