Why Seniors Are Switching To Vaping

Seniors Getting into The World of Vaping

We’re constantly hearing about high school students who have taken up vaping as a hobby. However, there is a growing number of seniors who have embraced the vaping lifestyle as well. All over the country, more and more senior citizens are investing in mods, coils, e-liquids and other vaping products in order to improve their lives.

These days, the number of cigarette smokers in the United States is declining rapidly. Experts believe that this is due to a combination of better health education and better alternatives to cigarettes that are available on the market today.

Unsurprisingly, vaping is believed to have put a large dent in the profits of the tobacco industry. This popular alternative has taken the world by storm, benefiting people of all ages.

Why are Seniors Vaping?Why are Seniors Vaping?

As vaping is rising in popularity, it’s becoming clear that this hobby isn’t just a fleeting trend. For countless Americans, vaping has been a life-changing discovery that has allowed them to finally kick their tobacco habit. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that seniors who spent decades smoking cigarettes are eager to explore this popular alternative.


Lower CostLower Cost

Those who were once heavy smokers are pleased to discover that maintaining a vaping hobby costs significantly less money than managing a cigarette addiction. This applies very much to seniors who are at a higher risk of experiencing poverty due to poor post-retirement planning.

Some sources estimate that vaping is 40 percent less expensive than smoking cigarettes. Needless to say, these numbers can be quite appealing to senior citizens who have to be extra careful with their spending once they’ve reached retirement age.


Its a Better AlternativeIts a Better Alternative

Various studies have shown that vaping is a better alternative to smoking cigarettes. A professor of oncology at Georgetown University recently found that switching from smoking to vaping can add years to a person’s life.

Because vape juice doesn’t contain the countless toxins that are in tobacco cigarettes, many medical researchers urge smokers to give vaping a try. This applies especially to seniors who have spent decades as cigarette smokers.


No TarNo Tar

Besides being a toxic chemical that can damage the lungs beyond repair, tar is a substance found in tobacco cigarettes that’s known for its ability to stain everything that it comes into contact with.

As seniors experience changes in their dental healthcare plans, they’re more likely to consider switching to vaping. This is because of the fact that vaping doesn’t expose the teeth to tar, the chemical responsible for turning teeth yellow over time. Tar also damages the gums, putting a smoker at serious risk of developing periodontal disease.

Plus, tar is known to stain fingernails in addition to interior walls, upholstery, carpets and surfaces. Because vape juice doesn’t contain any tar, those who vape don’t have to worry about the stains that tar produces.


Low Risk of FireLow Risk of Fire

Just a few decades ago, it was socially acceptable to smoke indoors. Because of this, many seniors continue to enjoy their cigarettes inside their homes. Besides the fact that this habit can stain walls and produce a lingering odor, it puts the smoker at serious risk of a house fire.

We’ve all heard stories about people who woke up to a raging fire after falling asleep with a cigarette in their hand. Needless to say, this idea is quite terrifying. By switching to vaping, seniors can avoid this risk. When vape equipment is used properly, there’s virtually no risk of starting a fire.


No Secondhand SmokeNo Secondhand Smoke

As we all know, vaping is not smoking. Vapor does not contain all the harmful toxins found in cigarette smoke. One scientific study compared a room full of smoke versus one full of vapor. They concluded there are less harmful chemicals being released in the process of vaping compared to smoking.

The reason for secondhand smoke has to do with what’s called the “combustion process”. Senior citizens who smoke cigarettes are burning and consuming nicotine through combustion with every puff taken. However, vaping raises the temperature beyond combustion, meaning nothing’s being set ablaze. The result is non-harmful vapor, which dissipates in seconds, for both the user and anyone near the user’s vicinity.

To take it a bit further, e-liquid is made up of usually four main components- propylene glycol, (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavoring and nicotine (though some juices contain 0mg). Hence, it’s far less of a pollutant than traditional cigarettes, and there’s no release identical carcinogens into the air.


Enjoyable IndoorsEnjoyable Indoors

As we said earlier, vaping can be enjoyed inside one’s home. This is because of the fact that the vapor produced by an e-cigarette isn’t smoke. It evaporates within seconds, dissipating into the air without any lingering odor.

As we age, our tolerance to cold tends to decrease. This means that seniors who crave nicotine can get their fix without having to step outside of their homes and into the chilly winter weather. Plus, being able to vape indoors means that seniors who are prone to aches and pains don’t have to travel far in order to enjoy their hobby.


Vape is More FunMore Fun

There is a large community of seniors who enjoy vaping over smoking because of the fact that it’s more of a hobby. You may be surprised to learn that there are countless seniors who enjoy experimenting with different hardware and e-liquid flavors.

After years of smoking tobacco cigarettes, many seniors enjoy being able to explore the wide variety of vape juice flavors that are available. There’s a health-related advantage as well. Seniors who have diabetes or certain food restrictions due to digestive disorders can treat themselves to their favorite sweets in e-liquid form.


Easier BreathingEasier Breathing

One of the most obvious advantages to vaping is being able to breathe more fully and easily. Because tar and other chemicals in cigarettes interfere with lung capacity and irritate the throat, many seniors develop a persistent cough after decades of tobacco use. Switching to vaping can almost instantly relieve the person of this nuisance.

Many people have reported that their lung capacity increased as a result of switching to vaping after smoking cigarettes for several years. Of course, as we age, we have to be much more careful about our health. Therefore, it’s no surprise that seniors embrace vaping as a way to get their breathing back on track.


Lack of Cigarette OdorLack of Cigarette Odor

There comes a point in every smoker’s life when they realize that the constant cigarette odor is disgusting to those around them. An interesting phenomenon that takes place in the life of a smoker is becoming so accustomed to the smell of cigarettes that they can no longer detect it. However, the people around the smoker will find this smell deeply unpleasant.

Vaping doesn’t produce a lingering odor. This is because cigarette smoke is heavy while vapor is light, capable of evaporating almost as soon as it’s exhaled. Therefore, seniors who switch to vaping can finally rid themselves of that offensive tobacco smell.


Improved SkinImproved Skin

There are several chemicals in cigarettes that rob the skin of moisture and nutrients, causing a person’s face to age prematurely. Of course, when we’re young, we tend to not take these consequences seriously. However, as we age, we start to see the results of mistreating our skin as wrinkles and fine lines develop.

Switching to vaping might prevent the skin from aging prematurely. Seniors who wish to keep their skin looking as youthful as possible may find that vaping helps preserve the radiance and smoothness of their complexion. Plus, e-liquids don’t contain the same moisture-robbing ingredients that are found in cigarettes.


The Advantages for Seniors to Vape are EvidentThe Advantages for Seniors to Vape are Evident

With so many advantages, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see so many senior citizens taking up vaping. As more studies are conducted about vaping being a better alternative to smoking, we can expect to see more and more seniors ditching the cigarettes for good.