Sativa Dominant Vape Cartridges

Cannabis Sativa Dominant 510 vape cartridges for uplifting and energetic effects. Explore and BUY our 510 vape cartridges and vape pens featuring Best Selling Sativa Dominant cannabis concentrate and terpenes.

Shop Hot Brands near you for vape cartridges prefilled with Sativa dominant hybrid vape cartridges. For those looking for potent Sativa vape strains, Roil Canadian Mint, Figr Go Steady, Good Supply, and East Coast Sour diesel with THC levels around 20 percent and Sativa with high THC content.

Sativa' is one of three main ways cannabis strains are classified, along with 'Indica' and 'hybrid'. 

About Vape Pens

Cannabis extract vapes heat cannabis extract into an inhalable vapour. With no preparation or additional gear required, this convenient form is quick and easy to use.

Seconds to minutes
Up to 6 hours